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681. Book of A Weird Bottle Coloring Book (Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia) Coloring Book by Doming

    Coloring Page Count: 50 pages

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All coloring pages are packed in one PDF file, simply import and starting coloring!
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Work perfectly on home printer and A4 paper, ready to print n color! Included all printable coloring pages with no watermark.

Create pictures that fill your heart! A healing coloring book that allows you to honestly express and heal your inner sadness by coloring.

Take a moment to reflect on your inner shadows and infuse color into your restless heart with ‘The Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book’ by Doming, available for digital download. Originally published in late 2019, the ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia’ achieved bestseller status in the illustrated essay category, winning the hearts of numerous readers. Now, the ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book’ brings you a unique collection of coloring pages inspired by the original work, designed for digital download and convenient printing.


Within the ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book,’ you will find:

🎨 Intricately designed coloring pages inspired by emotions and inner experiences, ready for your creative touch.

🎨 The opportunity to express yourself and find solace by coloring in the emotions that accompany each day.

🎨 Detailed and engaging illustrations that offer hours of coloring enjoyment.

🎨 A therapeutic escape that enables you to reflect on your feelings and record your innermost thoughts.

Whether you’re an experienced artist seeking a canvas for your creativity or simply looking to relax and unwind, the ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book’ offers a broad range of emotions to explore and express. This digital coloring book is designed for personal creative expression, and it’s perfect for those seeking self-reflection and emotional release.

The ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book’ spans 108 pages and includes exclusive content not found in the original work. Each sketch design is presented in pairs, allowing you to apply your preferred colors to convey your emotions. As you color, you can also find moments of tranquility to contemplate your feelings and jot down your thoughts, thanks to additional pages for organized note-taking.

Upon completing each design, you’ll have your unique collection of ‘clear pages,’ providing an opportunity to express your feelings one by one. Additionally, creatively versatile pages like mini postcards offer added enjoyment to your coloring experience.

Experience the joy of coloring and self-expression through the convenience of digital download. With the ‘Bizarre Disease Encyclopedia Coloring Book,’ you can explore your inner world, one color at a time. Download your copy today and embark on an inspiring journey of artistic expression and healing.”

The print file will be available for download immediately after payment, no shipping needed!
Please note that this is an eBook (electronic book) not a physical book.

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