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703. Animal Embroidery Lessons by Chicchi ~ Digital Cute Animal Embroidery Patterns

    Author: Chicchi

    Project Count: 26

    Language: Japanese

703. Animal Embroidery Lessons by Chicchi ~ Digital Cute Animal Embroidery Patterns (Click to enlarge)

Chicchi, who is very popular on YouTube, is the long-awaited new embroidery textbook “Animal Embroidery Lessons” /
Stitching basics, designs, tailoring… All steps are accompanied by detailed step-by-step photos. With a wealth of designs, you can step up from beginner to advanced. Learn embroidery while doing it!

1 [Practice] Let’s try stitching various animals using basic stitches ♪
→ There are practice animal embroidery patterns for each stitch, so you can learn the basics while feeling the different expressions of the stitches. Be.
2 [Practical] Contains 18 cute animal designs! Choose from the difficulty level and take on the challenge ♪ →
Using threads of various colors and textures, you can enjoy the wonderful world of animals woven by stitches. Try embroidering from your favorite design according to your embroidery level!
3 [Application] You can enjoy embroidering it on ready-made products or making it into accessories ♪
→ Points to note when embroidering on cardigans and handkerchiefs, frame decorations, and pouches I also explain how to make it with a polite procedure photo.

[Collection stitch] 24 types in total
◎ Line stitch
Straight stitch / Cross stitch / Running stitch / Back stitch / Outline stitch / Coaching stitch
◎ Area stitch
Satin stitch / Long & short stitch / Basket stitch
◎ Point stitch
French knot stitch /German knot stitch/Cable stitch
◎Single or combined stitches
Fly Stitch / Feather Stitch / Double Feather Stitch / Barion Stitch / Barion Rose Stitch / Lazy Daisy Stitch / Double Lazy Daisy Stitch
◎Stitches for drawing lines, planes and patterns
Chain Stitch / Split Stitch / Blanket Stitch / Buttonhole Stitch / Smyrna

Collection design] A glittering world drawn with all 18 lines / Cat’s My Room / Spring color and rabbit / Dog and fruit pattern / Sheep tile pattern / Seals swimming in the breeze and Hannemania / Smile after rain / Shirokuma’s summer Fun/ Lion and Blue Daisy/ With the Earth/ Baby motif/ Occasionally take a break/ How to spend winter/ Red flowers and birds/ Fluffy swimming tropical fish/ Full moon night/ Cute friends/ Flower entrance to a new world

Support Procreate
All coloring pages are packed in one PDF file, simply import and starting coloring!
Enhanced High quality images
Work perfectly on home printer and A4 paper, ready to print n color! Included all printable coloring pages with no watermark.

The print file will be available for download immediately after payment, no shipping needed!
Please note that this is an eBook (electronic book) not a physical book.

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