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703. Animal Embroidery Lessons by Chicchi ~ Digital Cute Animal Embroidery Patterns

    Publish: 2021

    Author: Chicchi

    Project Count: 26

    Language: Japanese

    Instant Download Price: US$4.99

Chicchi, who is very popular on YouTube, is the long-awaited new embroidery textbook “Animal Embroidery Lessons” /
Stitching basics, designs, tailoring… All steps are accompanied by detailed step-by-step photos. With a wealth of designs, you can step up from beginner to advanced. Learn embroidery while doing it!

1 [Practice] Let’s try stitching various animals using basic stitches ♪
→ There are practice animal embroidery patterns for each stitch, so you can learn the basics while feeling the different expressions of the stitches. Be.
2 [Practical] Contains 18 cute animal designs! Choose from the difficulty level and take on the challenge ♪ →
Using threads of various colors and textures, you can enjoy the wonderful world of animals woven by stitches. Try embroidering from your favorite design according to your embroidery level!
3 [Application] You can enjoy embroidering it on ready-made products or making it into accessories ♪
→ Points to note when embroidering on cardigans and handkerchiefs, frame decorations, and pouches I also explain how to make it with a polite procedure photo.

[Collection stitch] 24 types in total
◎ Line stitch
Straight stitch / Cross stitch / Running stitch / Back stitch / Outline stitch / Coaching stitch
◎ Area stitch
Satin stitch / Long & short stitch / Basket stitch
◎ Point stitch
French knot stitch /German knot stitch/Cable stitch
◎Single or combined stitches
Fly Stitch / Feather Stitch / Double Feather Stitch / Barion Stitch / Barion Rose Stitch / Lazy Daisy Stitch / Double Lazy Daisy Stitch
◎Stitches for drawing lines, planes and patterns
Chain Stitch / Split Stitch / Blanket Stitch / Buttonhole Stitch / Smyrna

Collection design] A glittering world drawn with all 18 lines / Cat’s My Room / Spring color and rabbit / Dog and fruit pattern / Sheep tile pattern / Seals swimming in the breeze and Hannemania / Smile after rain / Shirokuma’s summer Fun/ Lion and Blue Daisy/ With the Earth/ Baby motif/ Occasionally take a break/ How to spend winter/ Red flowers and birds/ Fluffy swimming tropical fish/ Full moon night/ Cute friends/ Flower entrance to a new world

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Please note that this is an eBook (electronic book) not a physical book. The print file will be available for download immediately after payment, no shipping needed!

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