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Coloring Book, Drawing and Coloring

SS Illustration Coloring Book Volume I

    Coloring Page Count: 40 pages

    Language: Japanese

Support Procreate
All coloring pages are packed in one PDF file, simply import and starting coloring!
Enhanced High quality images
Work perfectly on home printer and A4 paper, ready to print n color! Included all printable coloring pages with no watermark.

Making & Posting magazine “SS Small S” and a series of derivative books “SS Illustration Making Book”, popular authors’ coloring books are now on sale! The cover is drawn down by mrk and plenty of Copic illustration making is also included! In addition, a total of 40 “coloring books” by more than 10 authors will be published. You can enjoy coloring to your heart’s content with single-sided printing that doesn’t worry about the back side, and the easy-to-apply 180 degree opening. At the end of the volume, there is also a color illustration index for coloring works and author profiles.

The print file will be available for download immediately after payment, no shipping needed!
Please note that this is an eBook (electronic book) not a physical book.

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